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Using Mathematical Expression to Create Vector Design

In the state of art, particularly if we look at a term called drawing, we do know that such term involves several elements that can be valued. These elements were including: lines, colors, curves, composition, shapes, volumes, and many others. Our judgment over any drawing has been shaped firstly by paying attention on those elements.

There we can find the whole notion of what we’ve called as the Art. I offer those principles of Art through my blog which is already located at Vector-images.org. Most people familiar with Art and has an opportunity to pour his argument against any kind of art. But however, what kind of art you’ll find in here? All the vector images provided at my weblog are completely FREE! Vector is a type of file format that usually found through some primitive forms like polygon, eclipse, or curves.

In the field of Art, you can find vector which is applied in several elements of formalism as I mentioned earlier. It means when vector applied in any artwork – as you are about to find through billboard, t shirt design, ads, and many more – it can be used as a file format that supports color gradient, bitmap image, and even texts. That is why vector designs have become nice source for any printed product. Shortly speaking, I want to introduce the use of mathematic expression, as I will pour them in each of my artworks that you can find in here. Vector is a complicated method, but theoretically the result will absolutely beautiful.

By blog is dedicated for those who want to shape their understanding over a notion called vector image. I provide many collections of vector image, heraldic ornament, symbol, T Shirt vector design, icon, silhouettes, and vector art. Yes, you should find all about vector art in my blog because I‘m really interested to the notion of vector, which generally used mathematic expression to create curves, lines, and so many other artworks. When I create one of those artworks, I always feel excited in using several methods which are closely related to math.

Much of my works can be enjoyed directly through this blog. All the rules and policies written in here can be understood through simple way: you can use all of my works for commercial purpose. My weblog allow you to do that as long as you use my works that are sourced on my weblog and not the work by someone else. It seems weird to tell you that way because it is sure what you will find in my weblog is vector images created by myself, right? Right now, I haven’t done much homework because I started this blog few months ago. So not much vector images that you’ll find in here, but soon there will be many images to enjoy because I have been engaging in a vector graphic project. Soon after the project is finished, you will be able to find my works. You can download them with ease and use it for any purpose you have.