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Sunday, September 29th 2013. | Softwares

Many people today are getting wondered on how to import vector graphics to blender vector graphics. Blender vector graphics actually is an open source of 3D modeling application to make sophisticated animations and renderings, By using blender, everyone is able to import his vector graphics in other applications like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.

You may use vector graphics as the texture for any size of scene due to the image of vector graphics will not be blurred if the image is enlarged unlike the pixel art. If you import the vector graphics to blender vector graphics, your artwork will become as malleable and dynamic as other object in the program.But, the main problem is that how you need to do to import your vector graphics to blender. The following are some tips for blender vector graphics.

Get The Blender Vector Graphics Software

To get this great 3D software , you can start to search in search engine like and type blender to your search box or visit directly. After that, you need to click the download button at the top of their page. After that you need to click file and import the vector graphics you want.

However, before you import it, you need to choose scalable vector graphics options as the format of file that would be imported to the blender.

 Blender Vector Graphics

Blender modelling

Blender Vector Graphics

By using this great software, you can import your 2D vector graphics into this software that will be displayed in 3D. Inkscape is one of the most popular program to make vector graphics that can be imported to this software. Blender is become an important application needed by people to enhance the look of their vector graphics.

Vector graphics are scalable graphics that mostly used as the theme or background of web. It provides much more advatages than JPEG or GIF images. That is why many people today are more attracted to create vector graphics for their web or images for print because if the images is enlarged, it would not be blurred.

For The tutorials about how to use blender vector graphics ,you can download it here :

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