Fire Vector Art, Two Methods to Create It

Saturday, October 12th 2013. | Free Download, Vector Heraldry, Vector Illustrations

If you want to create fire vector art, there is lots of software that you can use to create beautiful vector graphics. Most of them have similar method and tools, so, you won’t have problem to use them to create your fire artwork in vector style. So, here are some of methods that you can use on any vector graphics software for creating beautiful fire vector art.


The first method is masking method. First, you must create two layers. Place the image of fire that you can easily find on the internet on one of the layer. Put this layer under the empty layer. On the empty layer, you can draw a shape of fire vector art that you want. Make sure it is a close and connected line and shape. Then, use this shape to mask the fire image that you put on the layer on the bottom of this masking layer.


The Gradient Effect for Better Fire Vector Art Details

For more detail, you can use gradient and warp tools to create the wavy effect of fire. This will give you a good effect and realistic fire vector art like these examples below. The other method that you can use is the gradient method. You don’t need to use real image of fire or masking. Just draw the image of fire on the canvas.Then, use the gradient type color for its fill-in color. Choose black, red, orange and yellow, as the gradient color. Then, finish the artwork with the wrapping tool and you can create beautiful and unique fire vector art image.

Fire Vector Art


Fire Vector Art


Some of vector art software also provide plug-in that you can use to create fire vector art easier. You also can use this plug-in, if you want to. The most important thing is choosing the method that suitable with your artistic style and the method that can give you more satisfaction. Because, that’s the real essence of creating beautiful fire vector art.

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