Floral Ornament Vector in Ai Format

Friday, November 1st 2013. | Floral Vector, Ornaments

Floral ornament vector below are created with the concept of vintage style,creating by adobe illustrator software as the result from the pencil sketching on papers.

Vintage style can be identified as old skull style with brownies colour and cream,so you will see the colors of the vector collections below in those colour style..i created it in 5 month ago using adobe illustrator.I using it for creating a tshirt design project that using floral vintage concept.

These kind of Floral ornament vector collection is great to collect because they will give some big help when you creating some kind of projects like invitation card,business card,posters,even if you creating tshirt designs,please look at the screenshoot below

floral ornament vector

Floral Ornament Vector Download

How about those vectors? do you like them? if you like it,you can get them for free now,just click the download button on the bottom of this post.

Please using adobe illustrator software to edit all of those vector collections above,because that software had a lot of perfect tools to edit,create and even if you want to do some experimental actions ^_^..yeah i know it because i’m an illustrator software lover..hahaa

if you post those vectors on your blog,please give me some link to this post so i will give you a link back to your post..thanks

Get all of those floral ornament vector above here : Download

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