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Wednesday, October 30th 2013. | Floral Vector, Free Download, Vector Images

Floral vector images below are based from sketch drawing by pencil and processed by adobe photoshop,get finishing process by coreldraw software and exported to EPS directly from Coreldraw.So,these vectors are available in CDR and EPS format.For some cases,pencil sketching will create some blurry shapes when the sketch scanned to adobe photoshop,but if the sketch is clean and inked by some ink penk,then it will become a great images..so it will be more easier to convert to vector images

Please feel free to download and retouch them after,give them a vector background or some texts on it.These files are high resolution and great details.the artist give more details on swirls and lines.you can make a tshirt design with vintage concept using these floral vector images,:D

You can post them to your site too,but if you do that,please do not forget to give us backlink from your site if you use it in your site or if your artworks posted on your blog..:P..but it just my wish,not too important to do that..

Floral Vector images Free Download

Please take a look the floral vector images screenshoots below before download it,


floral vector images


floral vector download

I hope you’ll like the little collections above,please do not to judge me with a hard critics for now,because i’m a new person on this field.lol..i juta try to share my arts here..and i hope you’ll like it

please feel free to download those floral vector images

Download here


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