Free Image Graphics of Delicious Fruit and How to Create It

Monday, October 21st 2013. | Free Download, Vector Illustrations, Vector Images

If you want to get Free Image Graphics vector of delicious apple or other fruit like what you can find on the advertisement, there’s easy way that you can use. As we all know, the apple or other fruit in the advertisement looks so tasty and fresh, with lot of dew on its skin that make you want to eat it. And like mentioned before, there’s easy way to get that free images graphics.


Free Image Graphics Vector of Delicious Fruit and How to Create It?

First, you need to prepare the fruit that you want. You can use apple or other fruit that you like. Make sure you choose the fruit that still fresh. To make it looks fresh; you can place the fruit inside the refrigerator for one night before you use it. Then, it’s the most important part, creating dews on the fruit surface.

 Free Image Graphics

The first thing you need to do is wiping the fruit skin with tissue or clothes until it clean and dry. Then, you need to use olive oil or vegetable oil that you usually use to fry on the surface. Use the brush to apply the oil on the fruit skin. Make sure you just apply it in one thin layer, so, when you take it for your free images graphics of delicious and fresh fruit, the oil won’t be captured on the camera.


Then, spray the fresh water after you apply the oil. This will give the fruit the fresh and delicious effect. Then you just need to take picture with digital camera for your fresh and delicious fruit free images graphics. Use the right lighting setup to get more beautiful effect.


So, with simple method that mentioned above, you can get the free images graphics of fresh fruit easily. You can use this beautiful fruit free images graphics for your website or your wallpaper or you can print it for poster.

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