Good Things about Vector Images in Illustrator

Thursday, October 24th 2013. | Free Download, Ornaments, Vector Illustrations, Vector Images

For people who don’t really an expert in graphic design, making vector images in illustrator can be the alternative since it is something easy to do. What are vector images? Vector images refer to the set of pictures that are made by lines and those lines or paths are going to make a shape. It is simple but with a little skill, vector images are going to look great.


Learning about vector images in illustrator is something good for the beginners in graphic design world. There are some programs that support vector images creation and it is the basic knowledge of illustration making that must be known. The skill to make vector images is going to bring benefits for further graphic design process.

Vector Images in Illustrator

Vector Images in Illustrator


The Benefits Of Vector Images in Illustrator

What are the benefits of vector images so graphic designers must choose this method in graphic design? Well, vector images are object oriented that are made by combining lines then make those lines to be unique shapes. Every picture resulted is unique because it is based on the taste of the pictures makers.


Most graphic designers only let their hands move the objects freely when they use vector images in illustrator and that is why the result can’t be predicted in the beginning. When the shape is done, the designers can apply the colors, shading, transparency and many other graphic design elements to those pictures and the job is finished. The resolution also can be set too while this picture is going to be saved in the computer.


Vector Images in Illustrator


Illustrator can be exported into different pictures formats based on what the pictures makers want. There are graphic design features that can be added in the pictures resulted. Those features are going to make vector images look better. With vector images in illustrator, the designers can get many advantages such as the independence to work freely.

You can get all samples of Vector Images in Illustrator above here : Download

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