Grunge Background Vector For Tshirt Designs

Monday, October 28th 2013. | Vector Background


grunge background vector

The 4 Collections of grunge background vector for tshirt designs on this post are created by using adobe illustrator software,all of the graphics available on layered artworks.Creating a stuff like these background graphic are really easy and simple if you are using AI software,but using adobe photoshop in scanning session is the best in my design process.

Grunge Background Vector creating process

First step, make a¬† sketch with grunge style that you want by using your ink pen or ballpoint,do not make it so seriously,just scratching your pen onto papers,create more than 3 or 4 sketch with the same size of graphics area,example : if you want to create an reactangle design area,10″x10′,please make a sketch and the other sketchs are in the same size area.

Scan your grunge background vector artworks sketch by using adobe photoshop software,then give your artworks brightness and contrast effect with that software.If you finished with this step,save the file.

Open your Adobe Illustrator software,import the PSD files of your previous artworks,trace it with autotrace features of AI software,you will get a single traced artwork by doing this.Copy a single artwork into clipboard

Open new file,and paste that artwork onto this page,repeat this step for other artworks into same page (it will be create layered file),if you finisehed pasteing all of those artworks (3-4 vector artworks),change the colors of all of those vectors,different colour for each layer.Adjust the position of those vector graphic until you get what you want for these artwork.

Done! you will get grunge background vector that creating by yourself,save it into Ai format or EPS format.You can use these kind of vector background for posters,stickers,hat design,or tshirt design project,Please be creative and dont be affraid if you found some troubles or do not reach what you want,keep practices and do it!you will get what you want.

Grunge Background Vector Download

For the artwork on the screenshoot above,you can get all of those grunge background vector for tshirt designs here : Download (3,9 Mb)

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