Short Writing about How to do Cartoonization Process

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013. | Tutorial

Do you have any Smartphone that running through Android platform? If yes, then you might realize that Android market has been provided an application through which it will help you converting any picture to cartoon. Such application provides a simple way which is generally called as cartoonization process.

Shortly speaking, surely the way to change format on a specified picture requires special skills, and such things have been applied in the field of cartoonization process as well. As you can see, it is difficult if you don’t posses sufficient cartoonization skill. That android app surely will ease all the things related to cartoonization process, but in essence you can also learn some skills when you decide to convert your picture into cartoon.

How to do Cartoonization Process

At this point, surely there are many people who have asked to me how I turn real nature of photograph into cartoon, what is the software I use, or what kind of tools to be used. Basically, people can find many cartoonization process tutorials of which explained the whole process of converting real photos into cartoon images. You may find such tutorial, for example, by way typing “how to turn picture into cartoon” or “cartoonization process” through any search engine like Google.

But however, I don’t want to ask you doing that. I choose to bring such tutorial in here, meaning that you can read it directly from my source. So let us start with quick step-by-step process that should be completed in order to create best result in a cartoonization process.

Note that this tutorial is suits the best with those who already familiar with images editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

You must ask, then: what’s to be done at first?

Well, just open you picture with software like Photoshop or Gimp (or else, you can try other software that suits the best with your experience).

Source image :

Second, after selected image is opened, you must isolate it by way clearing any unwanted part you are spotting at the image.

Third, any picture that is opened should have outline, so now you must create an outline of the image.

Fourth, you can add any color to each part of the image, for example: skin, jacket, lips, eyes, hair,neck tie, or Shirt.

cartoonization process

Fifth, after you done with colors, now you must add some shading to your picture. This process should give your picture the depth its need.
How to do Cartoonization
Sixth are final steps, means you need to add a background to your picture. And viola! Your picture is just turned out as cartoon image.

How to do Cartoonization

Cartoonization Process Review:

It is so simple to turn your picture into cartoon or vector design, isn’t it? All you need to do is just having basic Photoshop skill and then applies it to the whole cartoonization process. At the same time, turning your picture into cartoon is easy as it seems, and in fact, it can be done in just fifteen minutes! Cartoonized cartoon is an object that allows a person to enjoy so much fun. Those who like cartoon so much surely will try to follow each of these cartoonization process steps I just have explained in here:

transform a real picture into cartoon style

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