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Friday, October 25th 2013. | Free Download, Vector Grunge

All of these splatter vector collections below are created base from pencil sketching and inked by a black pen ,then traced by adobe illustrator.With all of the effect from the manual painting or brushing,you will found a lot of good details,i create it wit Ai software, so the vector file that you will get from downloading in this post are available on Ai format.

splatter vector

When a designer creating or designing a tshirt design,sometimes they will using some splatter effect vector to add some grunge style effect or vintage effect to give more their artworks a little bit more “art”.I know it because I always using it into my artworks if I doing some projects like tshirt designs with grunge style or vintage concept

Splatter Vector on Tshirt design

You can use these kind of splatter vector into your tshirt design project,posters design or into typography design for your other projects to give more taste of vintage style into them.

Today,you’ll easily found tshirt designs that used effect of the vintage style in the market,and you will found a lot of technique those designer used to create those  effects are using these kind of splatter effect vector into their artworks.But how it works?

Just create an image with flat colour,using adobe illustrator or coreldraw ,use black color (for example),copy the splatter effect vector ,then paste on the image,give white colour on the splatter.You will see,the difference of the “before” image with the “after” image if using a splatter on the artwork (image).

Keep exploring your experiences using the kind of splatter vector,try to  combine your artworks with any splatter style that you get from this site,keep practicing until you are becoming an expert with the vintage style designs. ^_^..and do not forget to try creating some splatter effect vector with your own style.

Splatter Vector free download

If you like the collections above,you can get splatter vector above here : Download

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