Stock Graphic Design Template in Funky Theme

Monday, November 4th 2013. | Free Download, Ornaments, Vector Illustrations, Vector Images

It is a little bit difficult to find stock graphic vector to use. The difficulty is about the way to choose the best one for your project. This is concerning to the fact that there are hundred of graphic vectors you can use and some of them are good to support your project. One of the graphic vectors is known as funky graphic design template.


Just like the name of the stock graphic design template it means the design is colorful. The use of bright colors such as blue, red, and white makes the vector graphic looks perfect. The design is also out of the box with rainbow design and it is the combination of several designs. It seems that you see nature around the graphic design template but in different sense.

 Stock Graphic Design Template

In short, you can use this type of vector graphic design if you want to share something free and unique. Then, you can add your text there and there are three places to add your text. The first place is that you can place the text in the middle of the graphic design and you can put a big text.

stock graphic


stock graphic


stock graphic





Moreover, the second place is smaller than the second one. The third place is the smallest place to put your text. In this case, you can put the smallest text in a yellow balloon. This is one of the reasons why this funky design is considered as unique and different graphic design. In this case, you can put the second text in a blue balloon design.


This outstanding vector art design template is also known as Shuter stock graphic vector design. The other advantage is that the vector graphic design is also designed in high resolution. In the end, you will see a bright and sharp funky stock graphic vector design template here and you can just download it for a little charge on that site.


But for all the samples of stock graphic above you can download here : Download

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