Terms & Conditions

These days you can find many objects that are emitted the sign of Art, thanks to the development of internet world. I am a person who feels excited about all the easiness provided by internet world, especially for all the simplicity given by the world for people who want to find any type of artwork. At this sense, let me introduce you with the notion of my weblog which is located at Vector-images.org.

This is the first blog I’ve ever created with the intention to introduce a realm of art called vector designs. Why vector, is it math expression? Why I use it in my artwork? Basically, vector has been understood as a part of mathematical expression used in several elements on the artwork such as curve, line, and many more. There are many artists who have used vectors in many of their artwork, and I just another artist who use the same method as they does.

Vector graphics are easy to edit and giving better quality than other format particularly bit map. Now people can find vector graphic easily throughout a realm of online world, and I intend to put myself in such world, surely by giving audiences much more art format contains all the expression of math as been well represented by vector. Vector-images.org provides vector designs for free, means that you can download them without paying some ransom to me.

It is vectors that theoretically going to provide beautiful art. By applying a mathematical expression like vector format, I want to create artwork which is provide much more simplicity when you are about to print it. Much of my works can be downloaded for free and can be used for commercial purpose. Please give me back links in case you have used one of the vector designs available at my weblog. You can place that back link on your post, or precisely at a specified point where audience can see it easily. Why should I have to ask such back link to be existed?

Well, first reason is I want people now that all vector designs available in my weblog are completely free. But surely as an artist, I want you to put respect on my creative works. You can download any vector graphic available in here, share it through your weblog, and all I ask is just put a sign where audience can gain information mentioning that the artwork is created by me. You will, then, earn feedback from me, at which I will write review about your post that have used one of my works. Broadly speaking, you can tell that all the artwork available at my weblog is protected by creative common license.

It means that you can do several things with my artworks:

1) you can download any work for free,

2) use the works for commercial purpose, and

3) give regard to my work just by mentioning it as one which is created by me. You are allowed to modify any artwork that has been downloaded through my website.