The Advantages of Vector Images

Monday, October 7th 2013. | Vector Images

Vector images are the formed of many individual objects that are scalable. It uses the mathematical equation instead of pixels. So there is no doubt that they deliver higher quality and even close to the highest.

The shapes that we can find will be like curves and lines that also come with the editable attributes just like fill, color and also outline. There are so many eminences that can be found by using the vector images. This eases the user to create the things they really like to by using this vector image.

vector images samples


vector images

vector images

vector images

The advantages of Vector Images Resolution

The object will not be affected by the changing attributes of the vector object. So this is a special method that will ease the user to do the creation. The basic object will not get destroyed by the change of the object attributes. We can simply shape and transform the attributes of an object to modify it by using the control handles and nodes. The key is that they are scalable and this is why the line will be sharp and crisp. It can be seen on the screen and also in print.

Unlike bitmaps, the vector images are not restricted to the rectangular shape. When we put a circle object on the other object with different color, we will see a rectangular box around the object. It comes from the white pixel of the image and its a bit bothering because we can have a clear view of it. It has so many advantages for the user but the only disadvantage is that they are not suitable to produce photo-realistic imagery.

As this is original software, the conversion software is needed in order to save the files. We also need to save the original to make sure that the native format will be available for another need. By using vector images we can work easier and faster.

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