The Dilemma of Free or Paid Graphics Stock Images

Thursday, October 24th 2013. | Graphic art, Vector Images

By the time you are going to design a banner, logo or other digital printing products, you will need graphics stock images to make those media look great. If those digital printing products only consist of text then they are going to be really boring. You have to add some fun images in those media so people are going to look at your banner or logo.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the right pictures in your computer because you can download graphics stock images on the Internet. There are some websites with graphics stock images to download and here is how you can meet the right graphic pictures for your media.

Graphics Stock Images Types Available On Internet

There are two types of graphics stock images available online, the paid ones and free ones. Each of them has benefits and losses. When you have to pay for those images, you will get the unlimited collections and those pictures are the high quality ones. However, you have to spend extra cost to download those images to your computer but it is really worth remembering the quality of pictures you can get from those paid graphics stock images.

Free images are also available in some websites and you don’t have to pay for downloading them. The website with free images to download uses to offer the limited pictures collections and you are so lucky when you can find the right one for your media. But it doesn’t matter if you have good editing skills since those images can be processed to be unique pictures.

To pick the right images from graphics stock images you have to check what kind of banner you want to make. For example, food images are recommended when it is restaurant banner. It can be difficult to decide the right one among graphics stock images collection but this simple tip can guide you to the right image of your media.

Free Graphics Stock Images Samples:

Graphics Stock Images

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Getting More Familiar with Graphics Stock Images and Vector Graphic Images

You must be familiar with bitmap images but how about vector graphic images? Maybe it is your first time to find this term so here is the explanation for you. Vector graphic images are the images that made after the calculation such as the length of the lines used to make those images.

This kind of images is recommended for some reasons. You maybe find the problems while you are going to resize bitmap images collection because those pictures are going to be broken. The quality of graphics stock images like bitmap is not as good as vector graphic images or vector designs that will still work fine after the editing. You can enlarge or reduce those images and they are going to look great after this process. Here is how you learn making vector graphic image on your own.

Since you have been familiar with graphics stock images then at first you are going to feel that making vector graphic images is a big deal. You are required to do mathematic first before you finally let your hands create those images. It is required because vector graphic image is made of the combination of lines, curves and other graphic design element and it is started on a point with exact calculation.

You have to learn about pixel before you start drawing vector images. It is going to help you to make a great vector image with your own hands. The knowledge about pixel size is the reason why vector graphic images made are good or not.

What about the file size of vector graphic image? It is a good thing about this image type that you can set the size of those image files. If you think this file is too big, you can reduce it easily. There is no worry that your vector graphic images are going to be broken like you find with Graphics Stock Images in bitmap format

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