Tiger Face In Vector Format

Wednesday, October 9th 2013. | Free Download, Vector Illustrations

Tiger face in vector format on this post below are created by me by using adobe illustrator software,traced from a picture collection of my friend.You can easily create some kind of vector format like this artwork  (ai or EPS format) by auto trace feature from adobe illustrator.You can start by cropping the images by adobe photoshop,retouch the colours,adjust the shadows,then save it on PSD format then auto trace the images on AI software.Thats it!

But,beware about the noises those will show on your artwork,please adjust the all features on that tool (AI auto trace) before you push the “trace”  button,and you will get the nice vector images or vector artwork that soft looking if you do the right setting on that tool.

Tiger Face In Vector Format Screenshoot

tiger face in vector format
Please take a look at the details of the tiger face above,almost all of the tiger details are in cream and brown colour,and you will easily change those colours with other colour scheme that you want,because Tiger Face In Vector Format above is  all layered vector!.I think you will love it.

I try to creating a hoodie design when i create the illustration above,and the result is nice i think,but the tshirt is not sold on my other site before,so i just post it here,and i hope it will be helpfull to give you more idea to create the artwork like this.here is the hoodie design for forever wild brand  that i create a few days ago.Once again,The design is not sold to my client,they not like it.

Tiger vector hoodie

Tiger Face In Vector Format Free Download

If you like the image of The tiger vector above,you can get it now and then you will be allowed to edit and add some typography design to the artwork.The files are available on Ai and Jpeg format,you can download directly on this page.

Get the Tiger Face In Vector Format above here : Download

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