Transform a Real Picture into Cartoon Style

Wednesday, September 25th 2013. | Tutorial

Transform a Real Picture into Cartoon Style : Part 1

Have you ever seen a cartoon style picture that was made from real picture in the Internet? It was real nice and you wonder if you can make something like that on your own but don’t know how. You may found a tutorial but it was not the way you want it to be.

From the latest tutorial  post about cartoonization process,today we have something that was perfect for you so you can Transform a Real Picture into Cartoon Style  on your own photos.

Warning, make a real photo into carton style picture take all of your patience to make it work but the result will make you satisfied

After you get the real picture that you like to transform, then you can start. This tutorial use Adobe Photoshop CS, buy you can use other version of yours without any problem at all

Transform a Real Picture into Cartoon Style process

Step 1: Canvas Preparation

1.  Open your Adobe Photoshop program and enter the original photo on it. When you choose a photo to transform, always choose a picture with big resolutions with sharp and focus image. Never choose a photo that was out of focus, and blur.

Cartoon Style

2.  You will see three palette, Layers, Channels, and Pathcartoon style tutorial



Work in the Layers Palette first. Duplicate the background layer by drag and drop it to New Layer

Give the duplicate picture a new name by Right click on the name on Layers Palette and then choose Layer Properties.

The original layer must be keeping so if anything happen, you can use it again.



cartoon style tutorial





3.  To keep you original layer save, lock it. Click on the original layer and then click the “lock all” button (it’s a button with lock picture) and turn off the layer visibility




cartoon style



4.  On the background layer, double click on it and click “OK”







cartoon style tutorial
5.  Make another layer and name it “background”. This new layer will be the background of the cartoon photo. You must fill this new layer with orange paint.

First, click on the paint bucket tool (on the left side of the canvas)

Click on the foreground color and change it into orange

Bring the paint bucket on the canvas and click on it to fill the whole canvas with orange color





6.  Move this orange layer at the bottom, so you will have three layer, original one, Layer 0 and background layer

Cartoon Style

Step 2: Clear the Picture from Unwanted Area

1.  For this step, you need to use Pen Tool. You use it to clear out all areas that you don’t need and isolated the object

2.  Click on the Pen Tool; make a path around the object.

cropping photo

Ctrl + Enter to load path the selection

Ctrl + Shift + I to inverse your selection

Cut it (use Del in your keyboard)

Ctrl + D to deselect it

cartoon style

3.  Beside Pen Tool, you can use other tools such as Background Eraser Tool, Magic Eraser Tool, and Eraser Tool but it won’t be as good as this one

Step 3: Create Picture Outline

1.  Make a copy of Layer 0 by drag and drop on the “create new layer “ and name it “outline”

Cartoon Style

2.  To make you outline have more clear image, go to the Menu, Image, Adjustment, Shadow/Highlight and then click OK (you can skip this action)

3.  Check on the color palette tool; make sure that it has black foreground and white background color. If they have another color then you can press “d”
4.  Change the picture into outline by go to the Menu, Filter, Sketch, Photocopy Cartoon Style
You will find 2 setting, Detail (set at 3) and Darkness (set at 12) then click Ok

5.  The setting will be different from one picture to another. You can experiment with the setting although the “Detail” value usually gives the best result at no 2. The main purpose for this action was to make detailed outline but not too much




6.  Change the outline into solid black lines by go to Menu, Image, Adjustments, Threshold. Here you can find the threshold line from the smallest value to bigger one. Experiment with it until you come up with the balance between detailed pictures with clean picture. Click Ok

Transform a Real Picture into Cartoon Style

7.  Your Outline was finish in this Transform a Real Picture into Cartoon Style tutorial  and all you need to do is apply shading to the picture and put color on it

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