Transform a Real Picture into Cartoon Style Part 4

Thursday, November 7th 2013. | Tutorial

This is the last part of tutorial on how to transform a real picture into cartoon style picture.

Make sure that you have follow part one , part two to  part three before you go on with this part. On the third part, we have shading the picture. That was not complete yet, as you can see, it still doesn’t look so much alive with no color in the hair, lips, eyes and teeth.

Step 6: Coloring

In this step, we will give color to the clothes, hair, eyes, teeth and lips

1.  Click on the “Paint Bucket Tool” that located in the “Tools Palette” or simply press G

2.  Set for the black foreground color and white background color or simply press “D” because it was the default setting color for this

cartoon style tutorial

3.  Choose the “Skin” layer on yours Layers Palette

cartoon style tutorial

4.  Right on the bottom Layers Palette, you will find the button of “Adjustment Layer or Create New Fill” , click on it.

After you click, you will find a menu. Choose the “Solid Color” and you will find a “Color Picker” box

cartoon style tutorial

5.  Chose a dark red color on it, which will be used for the shirt color. Basically you can experiment with any color that you want. If you don’t satisfied with it, you can change the color later if you want to. After that click OK

cartoon style tutorial

6.  You will notice the difference on the picture. Then, you need to fill black color on the shirt layer mask by click on the canvas

cartoon style tutorial

7.  Give it a new name “Shirt”

8.  Between the “Skin” layer and “Shirt” layer you need to create a clipping mask by right click –> create clipping mask while the selection was still on “shirt” and “skin”layer

9.  Make the same step from step 4 to step 9 to give color for the hair, eyes, lips and iris.

cartoon style tutorial

10.  You have finish make preparation for each color on each layer so we can start coloring the entire picture

11.  Choose “Pencil Tool”  on the “Tools Palette” or simply press “B”

12.  Choose “hair” layer

13.  Set pure white for the foreground color or simply press “X” (if all you have to do was to switch the color between the background and foreground)

14.  Now you can start to paint the hair color with hard brush and 100% opacity. Zoom in when you do this to give you the best result (this is when clipping mask come in handy because it will stop the color to stepping out of the border)

15.  Move to the next layer, “Iris” by choose the “Iris” layer and do step 13 and 14

cartoon style tutorial

16.  For the teeth and eyes (the white part), you use white color

17.  Choose the color for the lips

18.  Same step for the shirt

19.  And you finish with the coloring process.

cartoon style tutorial

If you want to change a color on the layer, you can do it by choose the layer (not the mask layer), double click on it and then choose a new color from the Color Picker dialog box.

That’s all!
We’re done to Transform a Real Picture into Cartoon Style !

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