US Seal Vector Art

Friday, December 21st 2012. | Free Download, Vector Icons, Vector Images

US Seal vector art below are created by Coreldraw software and exported to Ai (adobe illustrator) format and PDF.This kind of files can be edited and reformated to other designs format like Jpeg or Tiff,sometimes,graphic designers like us will need these kind of artwork to creating a project like tshirt design project or sticker printing design.

You will be love it,with all good details and great shapes from this artwork,you can create tshirt designs or stickers with no need to do tracing process to get us seal vector art for your project,just download it now and put it in your designs or retouch them to get more impressions in your designs..

US Seal Vector Art Details

You can see the details of the wing of the eagle on this artwork below,those lines and shapes are created with all the respect to the great logo,the feaher on wings,eagle’s neck,the stars and all of the outlines are very confident to show off on these artworks,makes it so wonderfull to collected for your vector images collections,just download it and keep it now for use later.

Do not be affraid with the quality of these vector free below,because all files below are available in high quality vector format,and will never be get broken when you try to enlarged them to super sizedĀ  vector graphics or when you try to edit them with your graphic design sofwares like adobe illustrator,corel draw,even if you are using adobe photoshop software.

us seal vector art

US Seal Vector Art Free Download

Just like i said before,today you can get all the vector collections above,all of those files above are available on Ai (adobe Illustrator),CDR format (corel draw) and PDF format ,so you can open and edit those files with all kind of graphic design software that you can find on the market.

You can get US Seal Vector Art above here : Download ( 1,04 Mb)

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