Vector Graphics Editor Programs for Great Vector Artwork

Saturday, November 9th 2013. | Softwares

There are several programs you need to use as a graphic designer including vector graphics editor. Just like the name of the program, it means the main purpose of this program is to help graphic designer to edit their vector art.
The best thing of vector graphics editor is because the designer can edit interactively directly from the computer. Moreover, the vector art can be saved in several formats including PDF, SVG, Ai,EPS,and CDR. It is great to use this program especially for specific works such as page layout, logo, typography, cartoon, and many more. Vector graphic editor  itself is classified into several software versions including CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator as the most famous and powerfull softwares The features of the Vector Graphics Editor program are also important to support your vector art.
In this case, you have to decide first what kind of work you want to. There is a vector which suitable for animation especially vector drawing tools. On the other hand, it is different if you want to make a brochure. Besides the description above, this program is also designed for Computer Assisted Drafting because it consists of various types of tools to support the work.

The Most Famous Vector Graphics Editor Interfaces


1. Adobe Illustrator Interface

vector graphics editor

2. CorelDraw Interface

vector graphics editor


3. Inkscape Interface

vector graphics editor


There is a significant development in this artwork including the development of the program. Certain new programs such as Maya, Blender, and Studio Max are considered as 3D computer graphic. Furthermore, this 3D computer graphic program is development of 2D vector editor. The tools and concepts are similar but of course it is supported by several new tools for perfection.
There are also several examples of vector graphics editor which you can use to support your project. Those programs are Inkscape, DrawIt, SK1, and Xara Xtreme. Those vector graphics editor programs are used for specific software such as Linux, Mac, Win, and OS so in the end you can get great vector artwork for satisfaction.

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