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Mathematical expression can be used to draw an image and to do it you need to learn more about vector graphics . Actually, this knowledge is used in computer graphic in which the designers need it to draw line, curve, point, polygon, and shapes. As the result, we can see various types of images in the internet and some of them are made by using this technique.
In the development, vector graphics technique is used to create hundred of vector and vector art. Nowadays, it is easy for you get the example of vector art and even you can download it for free. The best thing is that you can also make your cartoon vector character so you can use it based on your need.
The online service will serve you with the vector arts based on the category and then you can download it. Besides download the vector arts, you can also try to make it by yourself. In this case, you have to use the specific software for vector. In this case, you can manipulate the graphic by using specific program known as draw program.
The tshirt design below is one of the  example that explain about vector graphics can created for any design projects,and this tshirt  design is build from 4 vector graphics elements and blended into one design,like this tshirt below :

Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics elements


The Benefits of Vector Graphics Software

The benefit of using vector graphic  software is because the vector graphic or vector image can be resized and stretched. This kind of technique is good for those who share the image in the devices such as monitor and printer. This is because the result or the vector art tend to have higher resolution which make the image looks sharper, clearer, and brighter. Although it is higher in resolution but the vector art only need less memory.
You need to know that this drawing technique is also commonly used for animation and CADD system. Actually, it includes complicated process including translating the vector into bit maps. The other benefit of using vector graphics is that you don’t need translate it first into bit maps and you just need to translate it after the size has been determined.
Download Vector Graphic Here

available in Ai Format

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