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Friday, September 13th 2013. | Softwares

Vector graphics software is the most important thing for graphic designers to creating a vector graphic.Vector graphic is the use of some geometrical primitives like lines, curves, shapes, points and polygons that are based on the mathematical expressions in order to provide images in the computer graphics. Vector graphics is based on the images that made up from vectors that lead through the locations known as control points.

These points have a definite position on x and y axes from the work plan. Today, there are many people are using vector graphics as the logo for their webs, theme, and other purposes. Vector graphics offer more benefits rather than other image types.


The Most Popular Vector Graphics Software

To make the vector graphics, people can use vector graphics software that many available to download such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. Most of the software are user friendly that allow people to make their own vector graphics with ease.

Inkscape is one of the most popular vector graphics software chosen by people. It is actually an open source of vector graphics editor that loaded with features similar to CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and Xara X. This software is using W3C standard SVG file format that will make the graphics are scalable for any size without become blurred. This software supports most of advanced scalable vector graphics features include clones, markers, alpha blending, and many more. By using this software, you can easily to perform complex path operations, edit nodes, trace bitmaps, and many more.


Vector Graphics Software Inkscape  Interface

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Vector Graphics Software

Vector graphic today is many used for web because it offers good quality graphics rather than GIF or JPEG file. In addition, although vector graphics have better quality images, they have smaller size. The major advantage of vector graphic is that it is scalable to be scaled up or scaled down. Inkscape is the most recommended vector graphics software to choose because it is not only free but it also very easy to use.

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