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Wednesday, October 16th 2013. | Tutorial

Cartoonization Tutorial Part 2 . Coloring the skin

Today we can act more creative just by using a scrap of photograph. In broader sense, photograph is a part of realm of what we’ve called as Art. Nowadays most people might have a huge collection of photographs, which some of it might pictures the great notion of nature while others contains with an image of yourself and your family. Thanks to the development of photo software like Adobe Photoshop, people can do creative work using it. For example, they can try to turn any picture of nature into cartoon image. But surely special skill would be needed if you want to turn picture into cartoon.

Many people have asked me about how to turn a picture into cartoon image, Cartoonization Tutorial,while the others want to know what kind of tools that should be used. It is sure that you can find many tutorials, each of which has been explained easy-to-understand cartoonization step that in turn can be followed at once. I decide to bring my own tutorial here so that people can read step-by-step process related to the whole notion of cartoonization process. I’ve shown you previous tutorial which is explained the way to make outline of the cartoon image. Now I decide to explain some points to complete the previous tutorial.

What should be done at first in this Cartoonization Tutorial? Well, you must pay attention on how to coloring the skin at first. In order to do that, first you must select ‘outline’ layer and then press CTRL+J to duplicate it.

Rename it with “white” (or you can select other word that is more comfort for your sight).

Cartoonization Tutorial
Second, make that layer purely white. To do this, you need to access brightness/contrast menu, and then move brightness slider to the right,check on use legacy, and then move contrast slider to the left (brightness slider should point on +100, while contrast on -100). Click OK after you done with this process.

Cartoonization Tutorial

Third, drag such white until it is placed below ‘outline’ later you are created before. Fourth, turn the blending mode into multiply (it is applied for ‘outline’ layer).

Cartoonization Tutorial


Fifth, press D so that the background color turned out to be white, while the foreground color is to be black.Cartoonization Tutorial




Sixth, sort your cursor to Layers Palette and selecting ‘white’ layer. After that, click ‘create adjustment layer’ (this one should be located at the bottom). There will be pop-menu appears after that, and you must choose an option like ‘solid color. At this point, pick any color you want, for example, brown color (don’t get too picky in here, cause we can change the color whenever we want).

Click OK.

Cartoonization Tutorial

Seventh, now select ‘pain bucket tool’,Cartoonization Tutorial  click on canvas and after that you must fill skin’s layer mask (select the layer mask first) then fill it with with black color.

Eighth, name this layer mask with ‘skin’.

Cartoonization Tutorial
Ninth, you should create clipping mask that in essence shows a bridge that connect ‘white’ layer and ‘skin’ layer. When selecting ‘skin’ layer, make sure that you hit CTRL+G.

Tenth, go back to Layers Palette, and immediately click on ‘outline’ layer (you need to press Ctrl button when you doing that). This process will put selection marks around your picture.

Cartoonization Tutorial

Eleventh, switching foreground and background color by pressing X.

Twelfth, move your cursor to ‘Paint Bucket Tool’ and fill the canvas with white (you must click inside the selection).and do not forget to press delete on layer skin

Cartoonization Tutorial

Thirteenth, hit ctrl+D in order so you can deselect the area of selection. Viola! You have done the entire coloring job.

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